Peter Errich

Performance date: July 15, 2015

Peter Errich performs in The Sound Room at WEEU, 830 AM in Reading, PA. Set includes “Suits Me Fine” at 0:00, “Route 9” at 3:30, and “Can’t Let Go” at 7:40.


From his website:

Peter Errich is a singer/songwriter who has been writing, recording and performing original music since 1996. His first solo record, The Lost and Found, is a collection of songs written over the past fours years with longtime collaborators Todd Zarzecki and Keith Knowles.

He has performed on television shows such as NBC10’s “Live at 10!” and Comcast’s “Your Morning” and  “One on One with Steve Adubato”. Peter continues to perform regularly throughout southeastern Pennsylvania.

The Lost and Found and his second record, Beneath The Sun, can be downloaded at iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and other digital distributors.


Musicians Peter Errich and Greg Riordan cross patch as the past becomes the future

Thursday February 26, 2015 12:01 AM
By Don Botch

It’ll be almost like old times Friday night when two musicians who were fixtures on the local scene a number of years ago break out their latest projects at the West Reading Tavern.

Peter Errich of Shame fame will open at 9 with a set of songs from his new CD, “The Lost and Found.”

ep-302269995Shame enjoyed an impressive run performing throughout the Mid-Atlantic area after forming in 1996 while its members were students at Wilson High School. Errich said that what started out as a bunch of kids performing basement concerts for their friends unexpectedly grew into a band with a solid regional following that got some radio airplay. But they never advanced beyond that level to where they were able to make music their careers, and in 2005 they split up.

After taking some time away from music during which he started a family, Errich is slowly venturing back out.

“I’m just kind of dipping my feet back into the whole releasing records and playing shows,” Errich said, “because it’s something I really did miss.”

He’ll be followed on Friday by the Foxhole Prayers, fronted by Greg Riordan, who shares a similar story. Local music fans may remember Riordan from Once Hush, a Baltimore-area alt-rock band that packed Berks County venues in the late ’90s and had some success regionally and beyond.

After about 15 years away from music, Riordan began feeling the pull to return and formed a duo with drummer Gregg Lowley, a longtime member of The Recipe, themselves no strangers to Berks County stages. For Friday’s show, Riordan and Lowley will be joined by cellist Ben Hardesty, formerly of the Barefeet & Company.

“We’re all three guys who kind of got away from the scene to raise families, and now most of our children seem to be able to take care of themselves, which gives us a little bit of an opportunity to try to reinvent the music,” Riordan said.

While Riordan’s and Errich’s faces may be familiar, their approaches will be a little different from back in the day, their new music befitting the cozy space in the back dining room at the tavern.

Errich will share the stage with former Shame bassist Keith Knowles, who will provide vocal harmonies, and pianist Todd Zarzecki, both of whom played on “The Lost and Found,” which was recorded at MDW Productions in Harrisburg and was co-produced and co-written by Errich and Knowles.

Errich said the music diverges from what he brought to Shame as its primary songwriter.

“I think there’s always going to be that comparison, because it’s still my voice,” he said, “but I think this stuff is a lot more organic and more acoustic in nature. The instrumentation is very different than what we had in Shame. Shame was a two-guitar, real rock band. This is one guitar, piano, a focus on harmonies. I think it’s a bit more rootsy and a bit more acoustic in nature than the Shame stuff was.”

He said “The Lost and Found” contains what he regards as “the best of the best” of the songs he has written over the past few years, since he started to get the itch to return to making music. He believes his songwriting has improved thanks to his life experiences and opportunities to work with some talented producers and songwriters along the way.

The CD is available for streaming and free download at, and it will be for sale online at and within the next few days. Errich will have physical copies for sale Friday, as well as Saturday when he performs at 6 p.m. at Ganley’s Irish Pub in Lower Heidelberg Township.

Errich said his friendship with Riordan dates to their days of touring together with Shame and Once Hush. After falling out of touch, they reconnected recently, and Riordan asked Errich to be Friday’s opener.

“We did maybe 20 or 25 shows together (in the ’90s),” Errich said. “We established a really good, healthy respect and friendship with one another.”

He said Once Hush used to attract several hundred fans to its gigs at local venues such as the former Firehouse on Penn Street.

“They had a great record that got some licensing opportunities on ‘The Real World’ and ‘Road Rules’ in the late ’90s on MTV,” Errich said. “They were a great band.”

Errich said he’s looking for similar licensing opportunities with his new music, hoping it will attract the attention of TV or movie producers, or even other artists looking for songs to record.

Riordan, who still resides in Baltimore, looks forward to returning to Berks County, where he now has ties through his fiance, whose parents have moved to the area.

“I’ve always had a lot of friends I’ve maintained in Reading, and I always enjoy playing there,” he said, “so it was just kind of a natural to return. I always felt well-received there.”

Like Errich, Riordan is taking a more stripped-down approach these days.

“Now that I don’t play with a big, five-piece alternative rock band, I kind of scaled it down to what I would consider alternative folk,” Riordan said.

Friday’s show will be the Foxhole Prayers’ first as a trio.

“That’s liberating and somewhat intimidating at the same time,” Riordan said. “It’s going to be a new style and a new form and entirely new project for me.”

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