Nick Bucci and Keli Vale

Performance date: February 1, 2017

Nick Bucci and Keli Vale performs live in The Sound Room at WEEU, 830 AM in Reading, PA. Set includes “Love is to Blame” at 0:00, “Sweetness” at 3:02, and “Slow Dance” at 7:36.

From Keli Vale’s website:

I’ve been singing for my entire adult life. I started out in local bars, jumping up and singing with anyone who’d let me. It didn’t take long until I started singing professionally, and eventually had my own duos, trios, and full band. I’ve sung on worship teams and in Gospel choirs. I’ve done musical theater. I went back to school and got myself a degree in vocal performance.
My latest adventure has been learning piano to accompany myself, and now I’ve added solo repertoire to my professional life.