Hannah Violet Trio

Performance date: April 7, 2016

The Hannah Violet Trio performs live in The Sound Room at WEEU, 830 AM in Reading, PA. Set includes “I’ve Been Changed” at 0:00, “It’s Easy (Cowboy Song)” at 4:02, and “Crossroads” at 8:04.

Extended Audio Session Below:

From Hannah Violet’s website:

” I’m Hannah Violet Miller, a musician, singer-songwriter from Fredricksville, Pa. I grew up on a small secluded farm with two sisters, the perfect place to sing your little heart out. I play fiddle, guitar, piano, and sing. Since I was little I played and performed Irish music with my father, Mitch Miller. He is a fiddle playing, toe-tapping jamming machine. He bought me my first fiddle at age 6 and taught me a lot about musicology and how to handle myself in the professional music world. Dad has always had great advice, and in the most taxing or celebratory times, a shot of tequila! My mom Sharon (Solt) Miller took me to my first piano lesson at age 5 and has hardly missed a concert or important gig since then. She’s pretty darn amazing. The piano lesson was actually meant for my oldest sister, but she wanted to stay at the playground so I went in her place, permanently. That was pretty much the beginning of everything.”

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