Dave Kline and the Mountain Folk Band

Performance date: October 16, 2015

Dave Kline and the Mountain Folk Band perform in The Sound Room at WEEU, 830 AM in Reading, PA. Set includes “Northern Flicker” at 0:00, “Rail Riding Pastor” at 4:06, “Boylan’s Stoney Creek” at 9:27, and “My Pennsylvania Home” at 13:30.

From their website:

Based in Pennsylvania and performing since 1989 as a five-piece bluegrass band, a duo, or any other configuration, the band’s repertoire includes original material, sing-a-long material, traditional material and music from Appalachian to Alpine music styles. Each show can be custom-fit to your needs. We’ve created and toured with many specialty shows such as the Acoustic Roots Fusion Show. Bandleader “East Side” Dave Kline also performs solo concerts in many different musical styles and is an award-winning singer, songwriter. Dave and the band have performed throughout the USA and Europe.