Central Valley Boys

Performance date: February 1, 2016

Central Valley Boys perform live in The Sound Room at WEEU, 830 AM in Reading, PA. Set includes “Black Eyed Susie” at 0:00, “God Gave You to Me” at 2:09, “Home in the Mountains” at 5:52, and “Let the Church Roll On” at 8:35.

From their website:

The Central Valley Boys are dedicated to paying homage to the greats of the beautiful and fertile Central Valley of California.
No frills or fancy stuff, just down home Bluegrass music at it’s finest. A Central Valley Boys show typically includes songs performed in the traditional style in respect to Vern Williams. The greatest Bluegrass musician to live in California. Songs like “Bald Knob Arkansas” and “Oh Susannah!” done in the traditional style can be heard at a Central Valley Boys show. Thank you Vern for bring the true Bluegrass Sound to California.

Other great musical acts from the central valley were The Farmer Boys, Bobby Adamson and Woody Murray. Like the great Vern Williams; The Farmer Boys were originally from Arkansas. They met as teens in Farmerville, CA., singing together at a jukebox. The Farmer Boys recorded in the mid ’50s with a young Buck Owens playing the guitar. Their music is part of the “Bakersfield” sound. Although it’s not Bluegrass, we find many of their songs lend themselves to The Central Valley Boys sound.

Of course, a Central Valley Boys show would be quite sparse without songs from the great first generation Bluegrass band, The Stanley Brothers. Carter and Ralph Stanley, from McClure Virginia in the Clinch Mountains brought their distinctive “Clinch Mountain music” to the world. Carter wrote and sang some of the music ever rendered with his Brother Ralph singing high tenor and adding his distinctive banjo sound. The Bluegrass world would not be the same today without the Stanley Brothers.

The Central Valley Boys invite you to come see our show, stop and say hello and maybe pick a few with us after the show!

Read more about the Central Valley Boys at their website