Anakai Ney

Performance date: July 29, 2016
Published on Jul 29, 2016

Anakai Ney performs live in The Sound Room at WEEU, 830 AM in Reading, PA. Set includes “Beautiful Surrender” at 0:00, “Father” at 4:55, and “I Was There” at 10:47.

Extended Audio Session Below:

Anakai Ney’s music is simply—-Beautiful. Her powerful vocals and wide range keep audiences on their feet and singing. Fans who have attended her live performances and concerts, young and old, find themselves caught up in the stories that Anakai tells through her music.

Anakai has been singing since the age of two and attributes much of her musical ability to her mother who taught Anakai vocal harmony, tone and diction.  When she was in high school, Anakai had the unique opportunity of singing the “Star Spangled Banner” to nearly 3,000 students and staff on the day renowned comedian Bill Cosby visited Central High in Philadelphia. Her vocal prowess has only increased since that time, as she remains teachable, learning to master and incorporate various styles of music into her repertoire.

A prolific writer, Anakai has published several poems since her early teens. It was this love for poetry that eventually gave way to songwriting. Anakai has written over thirty songs that she intends to bring to her first few albums. Drawing from the soulful styles of jazz, rock and reggae, Anakai possesses the unique ability to move an audience from energetic hand-clapping tunes to deeply moving and tender ballads. One listener describes Anakai’s music saying, “When I hear Anakai sing, I feel peace.”

Anakai’s heart always comes through her music. Every line and note is sung with extraordinary skill and a commitment to tell the story of the song. Her music is indeed “beautiful” reaching into the very depths of your heart, giving the soul of the listener an opportunity to experience peace and receive truth.

Her musical journey has taken her to new heights in connecting with local artists from Pottstown and the greater Pottstown area who share a passion for God and music. As lead singer of the band, Until the Red Light, she continues to make waves in her community, encouraging other artists to reach their highest potential in life and music. Anakai is often featured as a vocalist for The Blues and Jazz Jam held once a month at The Other Farm in Boyertown, PA. In addition, she is in the process of releasing her first EP with singer/songwriter Jeremy Simon as well as collaborating on projects with local musicians. Anakai continues to perform at various church, community and Jazz events in the Northeast United States. She currently works as the Resident Artist at Proximity Café in Pottstown, PA.